Açaí Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

If you ever want to switch up your daily breakfast, try this healthy Açaí smoothie bowl! A smoothie bowl is a great alternate to a regular smoothie. The thicker consistency is much more delicious and you are able to put on whatever toppings you choose. You can load the smoothie up with a variety of different fruits, and even veggies. This recipe only takes a few simple ingredients and can be customizable to whatever fruits and toppings you prefer.


Ingredients for the base:

Frozen fruit of your choosing. I am using strawberries and raspberries

1 non frozen banana

1/4 cup of milk or yogurt. I am using almond milk (check out the health benefits of almond milk)

4 tablespoons of açaí Juice (or powder, whichever you can find) (check out the health benefits of açaí)


Ingredients for the topping:


Coconut flakes

Banana slices

Chia Seeds (check out the health benefits of chia seeds)



To begin making the smoothie bowl, you will want to get out a blender. I find that the Nutribullet blender does the best job in quickly blending the frozen fruits. When making the smoothie, it is important to use frozen fruit, with the exception of the banana, so that you get the thick consistency. Add the fruit, açaí, whole banana, and almond milk into the blender together. Blend until completely smooth. Once blended, pour the mixture into a large bowl.IMG_5799.JPG

Now, you can add your toppings however you choose! Eat with a spoon and enjoy!




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